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Why is SharePoint Special?

 SharePoint is a Platform
Actually an application platform. It helps companies build business solutions quickly, efficiently and familar to Microsoft Office workers.
SharePoint is Collaboration
Helps teams collaborate; provides feedback, share documents in project sites.
SharePoint Online Explained [4 minute video]. Worth a watch!
SharePoint is Search
Provides full text search across the enterprise. Crawls SharePoint content and other data sources (corporate web sites, structured data - Oracle, SQL, Lotus,  SAP), provides previews.
SharePoint is Content Managment
Store documents centrally in one place, with full version control. More secure than Drop-Box, gets users to share content to allow full collaboration.
SharePoint is Business Intelliegnce
Want all your reports in one place, see KeyPerformance Indicators (KPI) and charts to show progress? SharePoint provides the aggregation platform to build dashboards.
SharePoint is Social
Demand for virtual socializing has made SharePoint social with feedback, ratings, micro-blogs.
SharePoint is Mobile
View and interact with the SharePoint sites/apps on your mobile devices. Push notifications can alert mobile device users of documents being added or workflow tasks. to libraries or similar events.